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DREAMSET : make your own channel list for enigma boxes

For those who want to make their own channel list with favourites easy and quick, Dreamset is one of the best tool. First : DOWNLOAD DREAMSET ON YOUR PC A- SETUP : 1- click on « SETUP » icon 2- Fill in the parameters and choose « enigma2 ver 4 » in « firmware section » 3- Save configuration 5- Ckick […]

How to setup cccam for amiko

1.Create hsdata.cfg Example : cccamd~name server1~port~usser name~pasword cccamd~name server2~port~usser name~pasword cccamd~name server3~port~usser name~pasword cccamd~name server4~port~usser name~pasword Save under hsdata.cfg 2.Send abov file to your USB. 3.Insert USB into your box. 4.Press Menu>Go to internet >net cofiguration. 5.Press c/hsdata.cfg. 6.Is apearing a info which ask you if you agree to read this data form from USB. […]

Amiko Alien SHD 8900 HD – Setup CCcam on Spark

Here we shall install the Emu’s including CCcam to Spark. First thing to do is delete all your installed Emu plugins. Click Menu -> Plugin and click the Green button to delete each one. On new firmware you will also need to enter the Password: 0 0 0 0 Now you will need to […]