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Openbox – Skybox

Unhide Cccam menu for SKYBOX – OPENBOX – LIBERTYVIEW

if you can not see the  »ccccam client setup » option: go to network and press 6666 this should bring up the hidden menu or for old boxes try 8888 or 9999

VIDEO – CCcam manual setting for SKYBOX and OPENBOX

for those who didn’t create a cccam.cfg on their usb, you can add it manually: CLINES SETUP A : instead of update by usb on ccccam client setup, go directly to Manage Config Files and select CCcam.cfg from new window B : Press Blue button on remote C : your cline will look something like […]

VIDEO – How to update channel list for skybox

From time to time SKY changes the frequency they transmit some channels on. If you have lost some channels then you need to update your channel list (TP_PROG file) Log onto and select STANDARD LIST. Download this file and save it to your USB Put your USB back in your SKYBOX and scroll along […]

Channels Blind Scanning for Skybox

For new  Skybox are channels pre-loaded , if for some reason TV channels won’t work with your Sat Dish, don’t worry it is easy! Just follow procedure below so you can re-load fresh TV channels. First, delete all pre-loadeds Channels (only if there were already pre-downloaded channels otherwise skip this step) 1. Go to Menu […]

VIDEO – Setup CCCam for Skybox using USB

The loading method is quite different and much simpler as compared to Dreambox decoder thanks to its built-in USB 2.0 host port. And what users need to have is a USB thumbdrive ‘with CCcam.cfg file stored into it’ plugged into the USB 2.0 host port of the decoder. If you already have those ready, follow […]

How to update channel list for skybox and openbox

Format a USB stick to FAT 32.Download a channel list such as AJ’s : Unzip it. Paste the program list onto the stick It should be a file called TP_PROG.DBS Here is how to update your box with the channel list. Switch your box on, wait for it to boot up then plug the […]

Skybox Firmware Upgrade If you are getting freezes and any other anoma;ies or issues, you need absolutely to reflash your box with latest firmware How to Upgrade / Flash Firmware : 1- Download latest firmware from skybox’s official website : 2- Get an USB stick formatted with fat 32 and put the doanloaded file into the […]

Download A channel List with Dreamboxedit

Download A channel List with Dreamboxedit You can rearrange the channels on your Dreambox to make them easier to navigate but why bother when someone else has already done this for you? This quick guide will have you up and running with a new channel list in a few minutes. 1. Download dreamboxedit from […]

How to Make CCcam.cfg file

Most of the satellite receiver boxes need CCcam.cfg file with your CCcam lines in it in order to work. Usually users ask their providers for a cfg file not knowing they can create it themselves. Doing this is pretty much easy and you only need to have your CCcam lines to put in it. First, […]

How To Load CCcam.cfg Card Sharing Into Skybox/Openbox HD Satellite Decoder Using USB STICK

There are ways to load CCcam.cfg card sharing account for Dreambox using FTP and CCcam.cfg Editor, which is suitable for beginner. If you wonder how you can perform the same on OpenBox, or Skybox S9, a HD (High Definition) capable satellite decoder that have been widely dubbed as a replacement for a more relatively expensive […]