How to update channel list for skybox and openbox

Format a USB stick to FAT 32.Download a channel list such as AJ’s :

Unzip it.

Paste the program list onto the stick
It should be a file called TP_PROG.DBS

Here is how to update your box with the channel list.

Switch your box on, wait for it to boot up then plug the pen drive into the box.

On the remote

Menu – Tools – Upgrade by USB

Change the upgrade mode to Misc Files (Right button)

How to update your channel list for Skyboxes-pic-1.jpg

Go to select and upgrade, press OK

How to update your channel list for Skyboxes-pic-2.jpg

Press OK or green (add) button to put a tick by TP_PROG.dbs

Press yellow button to upgrade.

Wait for it to load the file, don’t press anything while it burns the file.

Should only take a few minutes, it usually loads slow to about 10% then wizzes through.

Once it says complete, just keep pressing exit to get back out of the menus. Don’t worry about the update report it gives you.
Then switch it off and on again to save the update ( sometimes it does it itself automatically when you have exited out of the menus).