How to add a cline for CCcam in an Openbox X5

Here is a basic tutorial for adding Sky UK clines for your OpenBox X5

The first thing you need to do is add your clines to CCcam.cfg file, and save the file to a USB Stick
Now place the USB Stick [with the CCcam.cfg file] into the USB port on the front of the receiver.
All you have to do now is follow the instructions below.

Click Menu -> System Setup
Now click Access Control
Now click CCcam Client Setup
Now click Update Files By USB
Now select Option 1 CCcam.cfg and click the Red button to load the clines.
Once you see CCcam.cfg Load Data OK click the Exit button

Now the clines have been uploaded, we need to activate them.

Click CCcam.cfg Edit
Now you must enter the Password, the default Password is 0 0 0 0
As you can see all clines are Off-Line and inactive
Highlight / Select each line one by one and click the OK button
this will indicate which line you wish to use, and place a check mark / tick next to the line.
Now click the Blue button to Connect
You will then see the message Connects to Server Please Wait
Once a connection has been established, your clines will then become active, as shown below.
You can now Exit all menus and do a reboot.