How to enter cline blade media Via USB using CSInfo.txt upload

To edit CSInfo.txt

The file lists all the slots from the Server List menu on the box, 24 slots total.

Therefore to edit just change details to your account details using text editor like notepad, eg. looks like this:

slot0 =
name: Connection_0
ip: <<<<<<< put here your server address user: username <<<<<<< put here your username/ID for server password: password <<<<< put here your password for server protocol: cccam <<<<<<< write here either cccam or newcamd525 deskey: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 <<<<<< only used for newcamd525, ignore for cccam filtermode: auto filterindex: 0 port: 12000 <<<<<<< write here your port for server timeout: 3 } Where you are given cline its format is: C: [server address] [port] [username/ID] [password] When you have finished adding address/port/usernameID/password, save the file, put on USB key, insert USB key to box and go to: MENU> UTILS> DOWNLOAD, select CSInfo file and press OK.



To Bootflash.

To flash box without connecting to TV and without remote control, put latest firmware file on Usb key, insert in box and turn box on while holding ON button down on front panel.

Box will now flash from boot.