Setup Perfect IPTV Player for Android boxes or Firestick

Whether you have an android box or a firestick or anything running on android you can run our IPTV off any of them using perfect IPTV player which is a free app compared to the other popular IPTV app called Smart IPTV.

We are going to run you through the steps of how you can put IPTV on perfect IPTV player without any stress and with ease, which is what we want most of the time.


Install Perfect IPTV Player

The first step is to download and install the app you can do this by going to your app store and searching for Perfect IPTV Player or if you are using a firestick you can press and hold the microphone on the top of the remote and say perfect IPTV player or you can use the magnifying search icon in the top left of the screen and type it in then download and install the app.

Download and Open Perfect IPTV Player


Get IPTV Channels Working With Our Subscription

So you want to now get the IPTV side of things all up and running now and you have purchased a subscription from us then downloaded the app and you also want the EPG (TV Guide) to go with it so its time to follow the below.

So first of press ok on the little cog icon on the right then choose general and then go into Playlist 1.

Click on the cog

choose general

choose playlist

Now you need to type in the code we send you which will be like this or if you want the M3U URL link you will need to head over to and put the link in to shorten it and then enter the shortened URL link in the URL part.

Put server details in

Make sure that M3U is checked with a blue circle inside than for the name on the second line you can put anything but for argument’s sake you could put Strong IPTV. Now choose OK which will take you back a page

Now go into EPG 1 and enter the URL we give you which will be similar to this then make sure XMLTV is checked with a blue circle.

Now where it says Download if no data on current date you need to press ok on the little blue arrow next to it and change the setting to Download once a day.

setting up epg

Now this section is set up so just choose OK to save the settings.

Now press the back arrow key on the remote 3 times to go back to the main screen and it will now download the channels and EPG from us so wait for around 3 minutes for this to complete then move on to the section below which is the important part on how to set everything up correctly to make sure you get no issues.

Channels View


Configure Perfect IPV The Correct Way

Now its time for the most important part on how to config the app the correct way, as we see guides that cover how to put the app on your device but do not show you how to properly config the app leaving you with a bad experience with the app so we are going to get down and dirty on how to properly do this. (Don’t worry it’s not too technical using our guide)

Now choose any channel by pressing ok on it and then press the 3 little bars on the remote control and click on the cog symbol.

choose cog 2

Go into the Playback section and make sure the Decoder setting is set to Auto which it should be but if you do not see an Auto setting then if your internet is fast you can choose HW+ and if you have a slower internet or an old android box then choose Software but like we said Auto is the best if you have it as it will choose by itself.

Choose Auto Download Decoder Setting

Now just simply press the back key on remote 2 times and you will be back to the normal screen with all the channels working.


How To Control Perfect IPTV Using The Remote

To change the channel all you need to do is press ok on the remote control and then it will bring a list of channels up on the screen you now just need to press left or right on the remote to change categories. Also if you want the EPG (TV GUIDE) to show you just need to press the 3 little bars on the remote and choose Show EPG and it will show the TV guide for each channel.

To hide it do the same press the 3 little bars on the remote and chose Hide EPG.