Sky Italia Mondo+Calcio (Soccer)

Undoubtedly the most popular package currently available. This special edition prepaid card offers 12 months viewing to Sky Italia Mondo+Calcio (Soccer) package including new channel Fox Sports broadcasting from Hotbird 13″ East.

Follow the best in Italian TV with Sky Italia
Take a front row seat at the Italian Premier League with Sky Italia Sports package, includes 15 HD channels dedicated to live Italian football. Also included live La Liga BBVA, La Ligue 1, Die Eurodivise and Live UK Premiership football on FOX Sports Italia.

Cards valid for 1 year and include both standard and high definition channels.

The offer includes an official Sky Italia viewing card. If you require a decoder check the box above. Your card will arrive activated and ready to use, unless you request otherwise.

Channel List (subject to variation check with broadcaster):

Sky TV:
Automoto TV, AXN, AXN HD, AXN-SCI-FI, Babel, Bike channel, Class-CNBC, Classical hd, CNN I, Comedy Central, Crime and investigation, Crime and investigation HD, Discovery Travel living, Discovery travel living HD, Diva UNIVERSAL, Dove TV, Extrem sport HD, Fox, Fox Business, Fox crime, Fox crime HD, Fox HD, Fox life, FOX Life HD, Fox news, Fox retro, Gambero rosso, Gambero rosso HD, GXT, Horror channel, Lei, Man-GA, NAT GEO people, PI24, SKY ARTE HD, Sky Météo24, Sky News, Sky sport 24, Sky sport 24 HD, Sky TG24, Sky TG24 Eventi, Sky TG24 HD, Sky TG24 Priomo Piano, Sky TG24 Rassegne, Sky Uno, Sky Uno HD

Sky SPORT 24, SKY SuperCalcio, Sky Calcio, Sky SPORT 24 HD, SKY SuperCalcio HD, Sky Calcio HD, Fox Sports, Fox Sports HD