Technomate 500s cccam setup

Technomate 500s cccam setup

Option A. Download an ftp client. I find Filezilla easy to use. You will need to edit CCcam.cfg located in /var/etc/

Option B. use miniweb. Credits to the author

Mini-Web allows you to quickly install images/software to your Technomate receiver without knowing the IP Address, by your PC. You can also edit CCcam and NewCamd config files and backup/restore your channel list.

1. Turn the AC Power OFF. Press and hold the Power Button on the Front Panel and at the same time, turn the AC Power ON (whilst still holding the Power Button). You have to keep holding the Power Button until 3 numbers are shown on the Front Panel’s Display.
2. These numbers are the last 3 numbers of the IP Address of the receiver. For example, if the last 3 numbers shown are ‘164’, then the IP Address will be: or depending on your router’s default first 7 numbers
3. Now enter the IP Address into your Internet Browser as below:
4. After typing in the IP address, press Enter on your keyboard. The following screen will be displayed:
I can not copy/paste jpeg images so I have to take it from my box mini-web:
« This page guides you in your easy upgrade of the receiver.
Unless you interrupted the process, this means that you don’t have any valid operating system in flash.
You can upgrade the receiver with the latest firmware easily under the below section.
Upgrade FIRMWARE of your Receiver ==>
Select FILE :
Edit Emul config
CCcam Edit ( Click ) <==== Click it to edit by yourself. /var/etc/CCcam.cfg
Mgcamd Edit ( Click ) <==== Clink it to edit by yourself. /var/keys/newcamd.list
NewCS Edit for only BoxKey and RSA ( Click ) <==== Click it to edit by yourself. /var/tuxbox/config/newcs.xml
Camd3 Edit ( Click ) <==== Click it to edit by yourself. /var/keys/camd3.config

Backup/Restore(Services and Bouquet)
Backup ( Click ) <==== Clink it to edit by yourself. Backup Files in Receiver
Restore (Select FILE) Restore Files to Receiver  »

6. Click on the ‘Download’ button to start the update.