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How to CCcam setup for a Spiderbox

Upload Method: 1. Copy the file server.cfg into the root of your USB Stick. Don´t copy it in a specific folder otherwise the Spiderbox can´t read the file 2. Send the file to the Spiderbox 3. Don´t forget to enable your network, set it to DHCP 4. Reboot the box and start CCcam Manual setup […]

How to add a cline for CCcam in an Openbox X5

Here is a basic tutorial for adding Sky UK clines for your OpenBox X5 The first thing you need to do is add your clines to CCcam.cfg file, and save the file to a USB Stick Now place the USB Stick [with the CCcam.cfg file] into the USB port on the front of the receiver. […]

How To Load Or Setup CCcam Card Sharing On Skybox/Openbox S9 Using Remote Control

CLINE SETUP 1: Go into the main menu 2: Select Network, enable your network and set the IP address to DHCP. Go back to network. 3: Select « CCcam Client Setup » If you can not see CCcam setup in the menu jump to number 9 4: If you have a cccam.cfg on your usb, we provide […]

Spiderbox 7000 HD, 9000 HD CCcam known issue.

The box is connected to the Internet via cable and using CCcam Problem: Non free to air channels using CCcam is scrambling/dropping out at regular timings (e.g. every 8 -20 mins) This how to for the Spiderbox 7000 and 9000 is written from a friendly customer and he helped us to solve this major problem […]